The Magical World of ZooMoov

Netra Prakash, a 10 year old journalist in-the-making, contributes a review with photographs to SingaporeforKids.  

IMG_5503The Land of ZooMoov is a magical land where beautiful and magical animals live. This land was recreated at Marina Square between the 8th and 10th of September for children between the ages of two and ten.

As you entered the ZooMoov area, you could see excited children zooming around on colourful mobile unicorns, cats and leopards with wheels on their paws.

In the centre of the arena was a huge play pit called Jolly Fields. It was a very innovative idea to fill it with cassia seeds instead of sand, which can get into children’s eyes. I loved the cassia seeds, because when I stood in the pit, my feet slowly sank down among them in a very satisfying way.

The pit also had a small plastic slide, a mini trampoline and some colourful plastic balls.

For older children, there was the Doodly Woods area where parents and children had lots of fun creating whatever they wanted. There were vibrant tables with numerous craft items on them. Children were enjoying creating fun objects out of paper plates, paper cups, feathers, string, pom-pom balls and crepe paper. They were excitedly walking around the area collecting craft items and adding them to their creations.


Some parents I spoke to also thought Doodly Woods was quite fun and interesting. It was one of the most popular activities at the ZooMoov event – crowded and with very long queues waiting to go in.

But after you finished those activities, there was more! Over the three days, there were balloon sculpting sessions where children could get cute balloons shaped like dogs, teddy bears, flowers, etc. On another day, there was story-telling and face painting and also henna painting, where children and adults could have beautiful designs painted on their hands!


Last but not least, you could ride around the mall on any animal of your choice, including unicorns, cats, horses and some unusual creatures. Children dashed around the mall happily, screaming with joy as they rode these animals.






Finally, it was time to go home at the end of the event. We all went home with our craft items, henna, balloons and amazing memories of the event.

Good work Netra, keep it up.

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