Deadly 60 Live – The Show

SingaporeforKids is delighted with 9 year old Ananth Subramanian’s account of the Steve Backshall show. Ananth entered a simple contest and won a pair of premier tickets for the show through SingaporeforKids and took the time and effort to give us a detailed description of his experience – as only a 9 year old boy can ! Enjoy.


You know Steve Backshall, the TV explorer guy? I hope you do. I just went to his show the other day. It was at Marina Bay Sands at the MasterCard Hall. We had great seats. I was shaking with excitement. The time we got there was about 1.45 p.m., as the music was playing. There was a voice and a video was projecting on the giant screen. There was a welcome video playing. The voice said “We present to you … STEVE BACKSHALL.” Then and there, Steve Backshall entered the stage. Everyone was seated and listening attentively.

He said that he wanted to go to every country, pole to pole, and explore. He started with the North Pole. He was talking about the polar bear and how it was playing hide and seek. It was kind of hilarious. He also spoke about 3 different whales, the beluga, the sperm and the narwhal.


Next he spoke about North America. He described about how the grizzly bear caught the salmon with its mouth and then ate it. It was really cool. He mentioned something about the bald eagle and how it catches the prey with it’s feet really quickly. He showed a video of him doing an experiment on how he put a small piece of meat on a floating thing. In the video it showed a bald eagle (it’s not bald though) catching just the meat on the floating object. That was amazing!

Then he went to the marshes of Louisiana and experienced alligator bites on his leg. It looked really painful. He talked about the rattlesnake. He also mentioned something about some non-poisonous snake. Then he went to Amazon and captured live on his camera, a jaguar. He said that it was his first time seeing a jaguar.

It even showed on one catching an alligator or crocodile.It was an awesome sight. He spoke about the piranha. He said the piranha has razor sharp teeth. He showed us a video about an anaconda, the green anaconda. He didn’t talk much about it though. Oh yeah … he said something about electric eel. That was just OP. He swam in the cool water in the daytime.The village person said they don’t electrocute in the day, but he got his first electrical shock when grabbing the eel by mistake.

Then he went down to the Antarctic. He was looking for the fierce leopard seal. In the video it showed that he came face to face with it. Oh yeah, he spoke about the elephant seals. You know those huge-nose looking seals, the big ones? He captured them live on his camera, fighting. It was awesome. He also mentioned a lot of stuff about albatross and penguins.

Towards the end he started talking about how being an explorer can be fun but dangerous. He said that we have to take care of wildlife. The cool part is that after the show we got to meet Steve and he was so kind and patient. We even got to take his autograph and took a picture with him.


And I guess that this is the end of my article.

SingaporeforKids, from time to time, offers children the opportunity to win tickets to various events. Check  our website to see what’s on !

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